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Purchases include SOUND FILES ONLY. No physical saber or product will be shipped or provided. DISTRIBUTION rights are NOT authorized. If you're an installer, smith, or company, please contact me to discuss terms on using my fonts for your products. These purchases are authorized for use on your own personal saber collection. Please keep in mind that these soundfonts will work for multiple soundboards that support SmoothSwing but do not include the blade profiles/styles. Below I've added some links that can help walk you though adding these new sound fonts to your saber and how to customize your blade profiles/styles. 


- Proffieboard - 

Installing fonts to Proffieboard video

Proffieboard Blade Styles


- CFX - 

Installing fonts to CFX video

CFX Blade Styles


- Xenopixel V2 - 

Installing fonts to Xenopixel V2 video


- Verso -

Installing fonts to Verso video 


- Asteria -

Installing fonts to Asteria video

- Config files - 

Here is a link to my Proffie and CFX files (config.ini, smoothswing.ini, config.txt, and leds.txt). Alot of my older packages didnt include some of them so if you dont know how to make your own these are a starting point and will work for your sabers.

Proffie & CFX files